Self Care Weekend Retreat

2018 was challenging and, like most of us, you were guilty of putting everybody else’s needs before your own. Now you have made a resolution to take better care of yourself this year. Why not take a weekend getaway to a place where you can switch off from the chaos of the outside world, relax and revatilise. 

Hoogland Health Hydro, which is 20km outside of Centurion in Gauteng, is the perfect choice for this. Hoogland bills itself as much more than a spa and offers a unique combination of therapies offered by professionals. Whatever your body and soul need to function at optimum level in 2019, they will help you achieve it. 


Remember all that junk you pumped into your body over the festive season because #keDizembaIt’s time to get rid of it. If you are struggling to change your eating habits, a health hydro might be a great place for you to start. Professionals who are conscious of healthy eating habits prepare all the food, which means whenever you eat a meal at Hoogland you know it is healthy and guilt-free. More than anything, it is delicious. There is a 24-hour fruit bar and all the water you can drink. There are health specialists available for further advice and assistance on lifestyle changes.

Stress Relief

City life can be exhausting and demanding. So much that we never take time out to breathe and going to a health hydro will give you an opportunity to stop and catch your breath. Hoogland is surrounded by nature and from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you hear birds chirping and at night, the soundtrack that lulls you to sleep is quiet and crickets in the distance. Hoogland also offers various spa massage and beauty treatments to help relieve stress.

Medical Assistance

You can use this time to see a medical practitioner of your choice. Hoogland has a resident nurse that will check your vitals every day, from blood pressure, sugar levels to cholesterol and your results will be availableimmediately. If you need more comprehensive tests done, they will draw your blood and refer you to an on-site general practitioner for a more detailed consult. Hoogland offers an opportunity for you to see a life coach, a psychologist and other health professionals, including a traditional healer.


If all you need to do is slow down and breathe, Hoogland is the perfect place for you. Besides being surrounded by nature, there are meditation sessions every morning. You will have guided meditations and breathing classes. These sessions take place in a wonderfully Zen meditation roomwith all kinds of positive affirmations on the walls. Just walking into the room and reading the affirmations can slow you down. The room is always open and you can walk in to relax alone whenever you need to.


Don’t panic, you won’t need to do any rigorous exercise. During the morning nature walk, you have the rare benefit of watching the sunrise and if you choose the early evening nature walk, you will get an equally rare opportunity to watch the sun as it sets in its yellow, orange and red wonder. If you prefer to be indoors, Hoogland offers aqua aerobics in the indoor pool. For some gentle cardio, you can spend an hour finding your rhythm in a Zulu dance class.


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