5 Reasons Why I Choose Airbnb

More and more tourists are opting for the Airbnb option as opposed to hotels. Hotels are great because of their amenities like swimming pools, gyms amongst others, but Airbnb seems to offer a more personalised experience. Personally, I prefer Airbnb as well for numerous reasons and top of the list is affordability.

1. It is Affordable – I love Airbnb because it doesn’t break the bank. I always travel on a strict budget and it’s important that I don’t overspend. Sometimes when you travel, you want to keep your money to buy some curios and other lovely things but still want to stay in great accommodation. Well, you can have both when you use Airbnb. Another Airbnb benefit is that they usually come with a kitchen and in the spirit of saving money; you can eat in and save some.

2. Flexibility – Simply put, the point of Airbnb is someone letting you stay in their house for a fee, so the hosts tend to be more flexible with check-in and check-out times, unlike hotels. Airbnb hosts will usually interact with you as you please and if you prefer your privacy they let you be. I’ve shared a glass of wine with a host after realizing that we had common interests and I have also stayed in an Airbnb and didn’t see the host.

3. Variety – No Airbnb space looks exactly the same as the next. That’s the beauty of the different spaces offered by Airbnb hosts. I’ve stayed in a studio apartment, a Victorian house with bay windows, and a beautiful double story house in a Ghanaian coastal village. In one house I spent some time in a host’s library while in another I spent some time chatting to the host about the history of his country.

A studio I rented in Durban, South Africa!

4. Personal Touches – This is one of my favourite reasons. I love that Airbnb has some necessary amenities, like a washing machine and iron, but the personal touches get me all the time. Some hosts have a vase of flowers on the day you check-in. Some have a plant living in the room, anyway. One of my favourites was a host left me a lot of coffee and a note because my Airbnb bio says I survive on black coffee and books. I didn’t need to call ahead and request this, but the host saw it on my Airbnb bio and executed.

5.    Local Tips – Airbnb hosts are excellent tour guides. They are able to tell you about the hidden gems of the area. You might be able to Google some of the awesome tourists’ spots in the area but Airbnb hosts know the tucked away spots that are only known by the locals. Some hosts even compile a list of places to go for your convenience.


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